Slide into Fall

Every Arizonan knows well the struggle of transitioning from Summer to Fall here… it’s not unusual for it to be a bit frosty in the morning, blazing hot mid-day, only to return to chilly after sunset. This can make outfitting for a long day a real hassle. The good news is that there are many flexible pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe that can ease the transition from Summer into Fall! Here are a few ideas:FallTx
1. Booties. Paired with some socks, booties can be worn with summer outfits for a look that is both warm enough for the early/later hours, but that breathes easy for mid-day.

2. Dark/warm tones. It’s time to trade some of the summer shades for fall hues- think cobalt, crimson, jewel tones, and neutral earthy shades. All of these colors convey a sense of seasonal change without being drab. Bags, jewelry, and accessories are all great ways to start introducing a Fall palette.

3. Mid-length dresses and rompers. Again, air flow is necessary mid-day, but layered with tights, socks, cardigans, or jackets, you have a look that can comfortably transition as the day does. Win-win!!

4. Chunky jewelry. Summer is no time for heavy accessories, but as the heat begins to let up it’s prime time for those statement jewelry pieces to make their way back into your rotation. Not done sporting those delicate pieces? You can always layer them in with the larger pieces for a bold, eclectic look! (I mean really, you can’t go wrong with jewelry.)

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