Four Chambers

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.41.20 AMFour Chambers Press is an independent community literary magazine and small press based in Phoenix, AZ whose mission is to give greater visibility to the literary arts and encourage their participation in the larger cultural scene. For each issue, they partner with local artists to produce illustrations for winning stories and poems. They also create special projects and anthologies, partnering with local businesses and cultural institutions to create unique opportunities for literary performance, place-making, and public art. This includes a monthly gathering,”Get Lit” at Valley Bar, that gets people together to engage in with the literary arts.

“Basically, we think of ourselves as a heart: something organic, centralized, and part of a larger body; that connects, supports, and circulates life. While other presses may be publishing literary work (and some of them may get that work from the community), we are publishing work to build community.”


“We didn’t start Four Chambers because we wanted to make money. We started Four Chambers because we are people who love writing and reading, and we wanted to create more spaces where we could come together. Even though Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the nation, rich with visual art, theatre, dance, music and other forms of art, it can still be relatively difficult to find places to engage with local literature. And while there are a number of other publications circulating throughout the Valley–zines, institutionally-affiliated journals, online magazines, not to mention tons of people organizing readings, open mics, and other events–we are more or less the only literary magazine here in Phoenix.

This small press is now looking for community help via Kickstarter to help them continue to be able to get relevant and local literary content out to our growing Phoenix community. Click the image below to donate or to spread the word amongst the community.  7347f7018b3f7dd1c124a4e3f67569ca_original



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