Kaycee’s hype list!


It’s always fun to check in with our staff and see what’s got them excited these days… and Kaycee did not disappoint! Share your new favorites with us in the comments section below.

BRANDS: KayceeTrend


1. The love for all things cactus makes me happy!

2. GOLD Baby!! Give me all the gold jewelry!

3. Effortless beauty– less is more… like beachy fresh.

4. Overalls, please don’t become uncool ever again!


1. Durants in Downtown Phx for cocktails- because who doesn’t love feeling like a mobster?

2. Sip in Old Town Scottsdale- I recently discovered this spot & the vibe is all good!

3. Fa-Me in Uptown Phx for an afternoon treat. Their pastries are delicious!

4. Lux in Uptown Phx- get the veggie egg bake.

5. Giant Coffee in Downtown Phx- you NEED the honey vanilla latte, Hot or Cold.

6. Cibo in Downtown Phx for the perfect evening ambiance

7. Dick’s Hideaway for all things delicious.

8. AZ Pops in Uptown Phx- these artisan popsicles are the best way to cool off!

9. Hula’s in Uptown Phx for a gnarly hangover (whether you have one or you are aiming to…)

10. First Draft in Uptown Phx for a place you can read a book and drink a beer simultaneously.

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