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Medlock Plaza

TCH500If you haven’t checked out our neighbors over at The Clutter House, you should definitely wander in some time! They are incredibly nice and  offer an ever changing mix of unique goods for your home and garden. From furniture, to textiles, to garden planters, they have a little something for everyone, all lifestyle merchandised in cute little displays. We particularly love all of the different lighting displays- creative and fun!  And, as if all of these things were not enough, they have an adorable shop dog- Stanley!  Read below for a fun little Q&A to learn more about this adorable shop, and check out their FacebookInstagram, and their new Pinterest board for the latest info!

Tell us about The Clutter House: The Clutter House has been a dream of mine for twenty years.  I have collected vintage, antique, and other random treasures since I was a child.  My grandpa is the one who inspired my love for old, chippy, and rustic things.  After his passing, shopping for “junk” became the best form of therapy.  My findings, big & small, had begun to overflow my sheds and crept their way into my house.  My children and husband teased me, calling me a hoarder… little did they know I would open a store someday.

Last summer, my husband and I had some vacation time together and we discussed me opening a storefront for all my clutter. A week later we were driving through Phoenix searching for the perfect spot. When I saw this space and the surrounding businesses, in the Medlock Plaza, I knew this was the spot.  Luckily, we locked it down and are enjoying being part of this amazing local community.  I hope we continue to have new shoppers wander in to explore all the eclectic home decor and vintage treasures.

This dream of mine has come true and it is truly because of the love and support from my family.  I enjoy bringing my mom here to visit with me, she mostly compliments everyone and makes small talk.  My daughter, Taylor, and her dog, Stanley, help look after the store too. If you haven’t met Stanley yet, he is truly the sweetest 10lb dog you will meet, and he also makes a wonderful greeter. My son, Brett and his partner, Troy, are also essential to the overall operation. They bring in all the adorable hooks, new home decor, and the handmade marquee letters from their own business, Rustalgic. My husband was kind enough to make all of our pallet shelving and register stand.  I am very grateful for them and for all my regular shoppers that come in time and time again.

How has the emphasis on Shop Local, Support Local, etc. impacted your business? The emphasis on Shop Local and Support Local have positively impacted my business by  bringing in new shoppers. The Clutter House is part of Local First Arizona’s list of participating local businesses, where fellow localists can learn about my business. We are also lucky to have neighboring businesses, Frances and Stinkweeds, that can bring flocks of people in our shopping plaza. For example, Crafeteria 2014 was held a few weeks after we had opened, and we were blown away by how packed our store was. Record Store Day, Local First Indie Week, and Where is Waldo Local were amazing advertising days for us.

If you could add one local business to the Central/Camelback area what would it be? I am addicted to the fresh cinnamon rolls, croissants, and baguettes from French Grocery on 7th Ave and Missouri. I would love to move them a little closer so I can sneak away for some treats during the day.

What are your favorite local spots around town? I have been going to Los Compadres for their delicious Mexican food for 35 years. I am also a regular at Cheese ‘n Stuff Deli, their roast beef sandwich is my favorite. I also love that they are family owned and operated.

and because who could ever get enough of Stanley… <3Stanley


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